Saturday afternoon:  More rain at Indianapolis Corner

    We just had to keep going and hope for the best.  Between the rain and the fogged-up windshield and the electrical problems, we were having a tough go of it - but not as tough as many other competitors.  Mechanical problems were plaguing most of the teams, and the foul weather had caused many crashes.  As a result, we were slowly working our way up in the standings.  At the end of the fourth hour, we had moved up ten places to 15th.

     While Ferrari had given a lot of thought to the design of the 312 P, one thing they had not given any thought to was drainage of water from the cockpit.  After an hour of driving through the blinding rain, a good inch filled the floor board. On acceleration, cornering, and braking, it surged back and forth in great waves, lapping around the pedals.  When I pitted to hand over to Chuck, I pointed out the problem, and the crew quickly set about drilling holes in the belly pan to allow for drainage.

       Le Mans 24 Hours

       June 13, 1970    cont.

Total Recall by a2z

Saturday night:  The main grand stands across from pits.

Twilight on Saturday afternoon:  Tony approaches Indianapolis Corner in the rain

    When I took over later that evening, I found that the holes kept the water at a manageable level, but the heat from the engine and front radiator had now turned the damp cockpit into a sauna. The windshield continuously fogged up, and I found myself driving most of the course with one hand on the wheel and the other trying to keep the screen clear.   For my next stint, I resorted to an old remedy I had used several times before while driving in the rain. I asked one of the crew if he could find a raw potato, and a short time later, after a quick trip through the food stands behind the pits, he reappeared with one.  When I took over from Chuck, I was armed with the potato, now sliced in hal, and, by rubbing it on the inside of the windshield, visibility improved considerably.

    The relentless downpour that continued through the night now began to affect the electrical system, and from time to time the engine would miss or the lights would flicker, but there was no time to relocate, or try to waterproof anything during the short pit stops.

Saturday afternoon:  Tony sloshes through the rain on the front straight

     By midnight, much to our delight, we found ourselves in 11th.  But soon I would experience a harrowing moment.

Tony in the Musanne Corner

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200 MPH through the French countryside