Kyalami, South Africa 9 Hours

   Nov. 6,1971

Tony drove a bigger 5 liter Porsche 917 at Kyalami, South Africa, with co-driver Mario Casoni

     This was not the same chassis I drove at Monza or Watkins Glen.  The first race for this car was here at Kyalami.

     My co-driver, Mario Casoni, was a wine maker from Italy who paid for the ride.  He was not up to the task, so I drove most of the FIA allowable time behind the wheel.

    The new car was put together out of parts bins and had not turned a wheel on a circuit until I got into the car.  I'm not certain it even had a chassis number.  I had the pleasure of learning a demanding circuit and sorting out the car.  I often wonder how I did it.  The one thing the car had that was different was a 5.0 liter engine, which I didn't realize at the time.  The chassis had to be tweaked with spring/shock, anti-roll bar changes.  I'm sure the veteran Piper drivers were looking upon this with some skepticism.  They got a surprise when the car did so well.

     The Lucky Strike livery was striking with red top and white body.  It all came together when I set fastest lap and highest trap speed.  I got a nice Huer watch for the effort.  It turned out to be a pretty good race.

The other team drivers Richard Attwood and South African Dave Charlton chose to drive the tried and proven #4  4.5 liter car that Piper had been racing.  Lucky Strike supported Charlton for many years with his F1 Lotus 72 and McLaren M23 here, so he was the Lucky Strike connection for car owner Piper.   The red and white Lucky Strike livery was beautiful.

We were leading early on, when Clay Regazzoni crashed me intentionally in the right rear at the uphill hairpin prior the straightaway.  He was frustrated that Ferrari brought their new 3 liter open cockpit cars that were no match for the big Porsches.  He just wanted me out of the race.  I was stuck in the pits for 20 minutes with severe electrical problems and replacement of battery damaged in the attack.  He had a simple nose change in the pits.  I was furious and approached Regazzoni with vigor, Mario Andretti came in between us.  Anyway it is all history: Casoni and I finished fourth overall.

Coming out of the pits

David Piper spits out a ciggy while rushing to work on his 917

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Tony's #4 Porsche 917 crests Leeukop Corner

The 1971 Kyalami 9 Hours starting grid

Tony's co-driver Mario Casoni almost looks like a highway patrol officer

Tony in garage area at Kyalami, South Africa

Casoni looks different in this shot

Sartorially flamboyant Casoni,

at trophy awards and lunch

Trophy award ceremony at SAMRAC chairman's home.  (The webmaster hopes the prize money

was good because he's seen bigger trophies at birthday party go-kart races!  On the other hand,

he'd gladly drive a 917 for less....)