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       Tony Adamowicz' Office at Sunrise:  Mulsanne Corner, 1971 Le Mans 24 Hours.

Tony and Sam Posey won Third Place in their NART Ferrari 512M.  The car broke the lap record in the early stages of the race and later set several top speed records at Bonneville.

View of Pit Straight - from Le Mans Press Building

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    Tony Adamowicz is one of the finest men I've known in auto racing.  Our careers overlapped in the 1970s and we often met at Can-Am, Indy, Formula 5000, and Trans-Am races.

    We've collaborated to present 600 photos from his career and the stories to go with them.  You'll want to view his 110 page biography

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    Tony's stories are in red text, my sidebars appear in black text.

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     I've spent a good portion of my life in automotive related fields, including twenty years as a professional driver in the sport of motor racing.

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